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About the Book

         This book is written in a step-wise fashion building upon precepts, and summarizing best practices for establishing and growing a successful biotechnology company.  The content is presented in such a way that is applicable to the novice through to the experienced biotech or pharmaceutical executive, and will interest all audiences having a curiosity in this dynamic field. Fundamental topics are covered in informative and interesting detail such as the selection of product development milestones and their impact on the valuation of the company, choosing a company business model and managing risk, hiring a biotech dream team, the virtual company, the regulatory process for approving products through the FDA, clinical trials and objectives and raising multiple forms of capital.

        Within this book you will also learn practical aspects that can be applied to virtually any organization. Such topics include developing a company culture and its hidden competitive strength; leadership and core values – not just for managers but for all employees; the organizational life stages of a company, when and why management style may need to change.


 The Business of Bioscience: 
         What Goes into Making a Biotechnology Product

   Biotechnology is the melding of business and science and, therefore, it creates a business of uncertainty.

         In addition to this uncertainty, life science enterprises face different challenges from those in other industries. 

       For instance, longer product development times, greater capital requirements, human clinical trials, unique employee talent requirements, and an ever changing regulatory environment.
Business of Bioscience is a compilation of over 25 years of experience building biotechnology companies as a serial entrepreneur.  It was written as a guide for those with a deep interest in the biotechnology industry who want to understand what it takes to develop a biotechnology product from concept to commercialization.  

        In this book you will learn practical answers to:

·        Why does it take so long to develop a biotechnology product?

·        What are the steps involved in making a therapeutic or diagnostic?

·        How much money is required to develop a product idea from bench to

·        What are the potential pitfalls and problems with company valuation?

·        What are the necessary characteristics and backgrounds of entrepreneurs who
      lead these organizations?

·        What is risk management, and how does one assess these for a start-up
biotechnology company? 

·        What are the steps to creating a biotechnology company?   

        The reader will find a wealth of technical, business and leadership insights conveyed with a “behind the scenes” look into the everyday challenges and rewards in biotechnology product development.