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Speaking Engagements and Sample Topics

        The following is a list of sample speaking engagement topics. These presentations are practical and informative and are made to be an enjoyable learning experience.  Topics can be tailored to suit most any audience. Some topics can be directed to be highly technical and detailed for scientists and physicians or they can be more broad and general to appeal to the general audiences or to those in other disciplines.  Sample speaking topics include:

    • Building a Biotech Company: Lessons in Entrepreneurship
    • Entrepreneurial Biotechnology: A Case Report
    • Starting a Biotechnology Company- More than just a Research Project
    • Genomics: Impacting Care in the Future
    • Genetics and Cancer: Is it in the Genes?
    • Regulation of Biotechnology Products: The FDA’s Role
    • Navigating the Regulatory Maze for a Biotechnology Product
    • Genetic Predisposition Testing: Predicting Your Medical Future
    • Practical Lessons on Developing Biotechnology Products
    • Biotechnology: Do’s and Don’ts of Raising Capital
    • Biotechnology: The Future of Medicine
    • What is the Process of Developing a Biotechnology Product?
    • Five Essentials for the Biotechnology Entrepreneur

      Many of these and other talks have been presented to a variety of audiences including the following:

    • General public
    • Graduate students and lecture series
    • MBA students
    • Practicing physicians for CME credit
    • Tumor Boards
    • Hospital staff
    • Scientists and Researchers
    • Emerging entrepreneur series
    • Investment Bankers
    • Investors in Life Sciences
    • Engineering Clubs
    • Non-profit Foundations
    • Magnet School Students
    • Investment forums
    • Legislators
    • Civic Leaders

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